Chukyo University welcomes students from its partner institutions and from ISEP members for one semester or a full year. Students abroad and Chukyo students trade places through the Student Exchange Program. If you are considering coming to Chukyo, please contact your home institution to discover if an agreement with Chukyo University exists or if they are an ISEP member institution.

*If you are enrolled at a University that is not a partner with Chukyo University or that is not an ISEP member you cannot participate in the exchange program.

You can study abroad at Chukyo University as an exchange student only if an exchange agreement is in place between your home university and Chukyo University, or if your home university is an ISEP member. Please contact your home university to check their nomination procedure.

Nomination deadlineMarch 1stOctober 1st
Application deadlineApril 1stNovember 1st
Arrival dateEarly SeptemberLate March
Orientation/RegistrationMid SeptemberLate March
Beginning of classesLate SeptemberEarly April
End of classesLate JanuaryLate July
ExamsLate JanuaryLate July
Transcript availableLate FebruaryLate August

*Students from the US or institutions where the next semester starts in January will take exams in December and will have to leave by the end of December. In their case, the transcript will be available in late January.

International Exchange Students can take courses from the whole academic offering.

Language of Instruction

The main language of instruction is Japanese but some courses are delivered in English. In particular, all courses from the major in Global Liberal Studies (GLS) of the School of Global Studies are delivered in English. If exchange students plan to take courses taught exclusively in Japanese, it is highly recommended to have a Japanese language proficiency equal to or above JLPT N2. However, this is not to be considered as a language requirement for the study abroad itself.

Course Registration

International Exchange Students register for courses during Orientation Week.

Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended for exchange students. Please check the course syllabus for details.

We highly encourage international exchange students to take advantage of all services we provide on campus in order to get the most of the study abroad experience.

Global Education Center (GEC)

The GEC is the primary point of contact and support for international exchange students at Chukyo University. The GEC processes international exchange students' applications and welcomes them when they first arrive on campus. International exchange students are always welcome to stay in the GEC lounge on Nagoya campus to study or chat with other students. For more information about the GEC, please check here.

Buddy Program

This program was created to help international exchange students to get accustomed to life in Japan and on campus and to make new friends immediately upon arrival. International exchange students will be matched with Chukyo students who will become their "buddies". The buddies are students interested in deepening their intercultural understanding. They are volunteers who help you navigate life at Chukyo and who organize a variety of events throughout the year.

All international students are automatically invited to participate in the Buddy Program when they apply to CSEP. Participation in the program is free.

Global Talk Hour

"Global Talk Hour" is a paid volunteer opportunity in which exchange students are paired with Chukyo University students who are seeking to improve their language skills and deepen their relationships through conversation with exchange students' native languages. The topics of the conversation can be chosen freely, such as each other's country, hobbies, grammar, and learning methods of each language.

Each 30-minute conversation will be held twice a week for five consecutive weeks. Teaching your native language and meeting new friends can enrich your study abroad experience.


International exchange students can borrow books from the libraries on both campuses using their student ID card. Some libraries also offer spaces where students can study and prepare for classes in the way that suits them best: by themselves in silence, or in group to rehearsal presentations using a laptot and a whiteboard. Please ask the GEC for more details.


With an annual fee of 300 JPY, international exchange students can use the gym on Nagoya campus without reservation. The purchase will be certified by a little stamp on the student ID card and students will have to show it at the counter when they check in at the gym. Please ask the GEC for more details.


There are several cafeterias and convenience stores where students can buy lunch from on campus. Students have a wide choice: from Japanese style bento boxes to rice bowls, noodles, and salads.

Book Shop

There is a bookshop on campus where you can purchase not only your textbooks but also magazines, travel guides, and other books for leisure.

Health Support

Students can receive support at the infirmary and at the consultation center. All students are encouraged to use these facilities whenever they feel the need as they are free of charge. International exchange students are highly advised to inform the GEC when they are not feeling well.

International exchange students are highly advised to plan ahead their financial plan before coming to Japan. The table below provides some standard predicted expenses at Chukyo University.

AVERAGE COST (per month)
53,000~59,000 JPY
National Health Insurance*
20,000 JPY
5,000~8,500 JPY
10,000 JPY
90,000~99,500 JPY

*it is compulsory for all international exchange students to enroll in a travel health insurance plan. More details will be provided upon acceptance.
**from Monday to Saturday, breakfast and dinner are provided at the dorm.

ISEP Students

ISEP students receive their ISEP monthly stipend at the beginning of every month. (Please check ISEP homepage for more details.)

Spring Semester
MarchOrientation / Course Registration
AprilClasses Begin
Welcome Party
JulyFarewell Party
Classes End / Final Exam
AugustSummer Break

Fall Semester

Orientation / Course Registration
Classes Begin
Welcome Party

OctoberUniversity Festival
Halloween Party
DecemberChristmas Party
Winter Break (2 weeks)
JanuaryClasses End / Final Exam
Farewell Party
Spring Break

Chukyo University provides two off-campus dorms for all international exchange students. It is mandatory for all students to stay in the accommodation facility assigned by Chukyo University. Please check the chart below. More details are announced upon students' acceptance.

Type of AccommodationMale dormitory
Female dormitory
Rent53,000 JPY per month
59,000 JPY per month
Access to Nagoya Campus18 minutes by walk + subway
32 minutes by walk + subway
Facilities1. Fully furnished single room (e.g. closet, desk and chair, bed)
2. Two meals per day - breakfast and dinner - provided in the cafeteria (included in the rent)
3. Communal bathrooms (lavatory, showers, and Japanese style bath)
4. Bed linen including a pillow
5. Free WiFi access
6. Laundry machines
1. Fully furnished single room (e.g. closet, desk and chair, bed)
2. Two meals per day - breakfast and dinner - provided in the cafeteria (included in the rent)
3. Private bathrooms (lavatory, shower and bathtub)
4. Bed linen including a pillow
5. Free WiFi access
6. Laundry machines

International Exchange Students can apply for "Chukyo University Scholarship for International Students." Please check the overall procedures in the chart below. More details are announced upon students' acceptance.

Name of scholarship
Chukyo University Scholarship for International Students
All incoming exchange students
Scholarship amount
150,000 JPY per semester
Payment period

Fall semester: November*
Spring semester: May*
*Once per semester

Selection method
A short essay and GPA
Application period
First day of orientation – First day of class
*Application materials will be sent to the coordinator with the letter of acceptance.
Number of grantees
Up to 20 students per semester

Chukyo University GEC assists incoming exchange students with their visa application process. In order to apply for a student visa at an Embassy/Consulate General of Japan, students need a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). This document is issued by the Immigration Bureau in Japan. Students need to apply for it through Chukyo University GEC. Please check the overall procedures in the chart below. More details are announced upon students' acceptance.

Fall ApplicantSpring ApplicantProcedures
MayDecemberGEC submits the “Application for Certificate of Eligibility” that the student have filled in to the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau.
Late JulyLate FebruaryThe Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau sends the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) to GEC.
Late July to Early AugustMarchGEC sends the CoE to student’s home institution (partner university students) or to student’s home (ISEP students) by EMS. Upon receipt of the email of notification from GEC, the student makes an appointment with the nearest Japanese embassy for visa application.
Late AugustMarchThe student applies for the student visa after receipt of the CoE.
SeptemberAprilThe student receives the student visa and travels to Japan. The student will receive the Residence Card upon entering Japan from one of the major airports – Tokyo (HND/NRT), Nagoya (NGO), Osaka (KIX), Hiroshima (HIJ), Fukuoka (FUK), Chitose (CTS).